Inflight Experience Review

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Your cabin is the universe you create for your passenger

Your onboard experience should be a symphony where instruments, musicians and sheet music are all orchestrated to create a winning brand. The Ascension360 Inflight Experience Review will look end-to-end at how your passenger spends the most amount of time engaging with your brand.

By far, the greatest touch point with your passengers is the on-board experience. While many airlines invest significant sums in producing collateral, training crew and serving up in-flight entertainment (IFE), they don’t always necessarily invest in making sure that all of these pieces work together in unison. The result can be a brand that is disjointed and which both passengers and crew feel little investment. From there it’s easy to see how this can contribute to a degradation in quality control, experience and service quality. Further, without regular evaluation of the experience, it’s easy for airlines to waste large sums on products that are not being used at all and just being a drag on their bottom line.

A well-orchestrated cabin experience can cultivate customer loyalty, improve crewmember morale and have direct, positive impacts on the airline’s bottom line. Use Ascension360 today to find your opportunities build an unparalleled passenger experience.

The Ascension360 Inflight Experience Review is a comprehensive assessment of your offering. From your online promotion of the onboard experience to cabin cleanliness initiatives, we’ll provide a candid and thorough look at your operation and provide you with concrete and actionable recommendations. Our unique view of people, process and systems will include:

  • Online product presentation
  • Product presentation
  • Cabin maintenance program
  • Onboard sales and reconciliation
  • Boarding and pre-flight
  • Premium passenger experience
  • Seatback collateral review
  • In-Flight announcements
  • IFE 45-point checklist
  • Arrival and offloading