Ascension360 PMVoltage™

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Get. Value. Now!

Turning your PMO into a dynamic driver of organizational change is easier than you think. With a small investment of time, you’ll see faster projects, happier business owners and a portfolio that makes sense. You’ll grow a team of continuously improving leaders achieving amazing results.

Let’s face it, more often than not the PMO and its team of PMs are met with anxiety, indifference or – in many cases – outright hostility. Projects get run outside of authorized channels, business owners are frustrated by slow or no progress and Project Management seems to be one big exercise in bureaucratic red-tape. Instead of driving change and achievement in the organization, Project Managers end up being overpaid administrators and projects take too long, cost too much and are met with low rates of adoption. Too many organizations suffer through this waste looking for a magic solution in Agile, Scrum or the latest emerging fad, but the results just don’t seem to really change.

Successful delivery isn’t the result of tools and process, it’s the result of behavior. Great tools and process facilitate winning behavior. PMVoltage works to match YOUR processes and tools while developing the delivery skills of your team. Transform your PMs into Project Leaders than can drive continual success through out your organization.

Day One of the Ascension PMVoltage begins with your team seeing new possibilities. This isn’t imposed process, it’s organic change. Business owners and the PM team work together to create new relationships and faster ways of getting things done. Because it comes from within, change is embraced and adopted. Using proven techniques we’ll:

  • Strip away wasteful bureaucracy and bloated process
  • Give your team powerful tools to build and lead effective teams
  • Build strong relationships with business teams and their owners
  • Rein in rogue projects and “hidden” initiatives that are affecting your bottom line
  • Create a value-driven project and business-owned portfolio of prioritized projects