Whether you’re looking at solving an individual pain point or wanting to create a holistic view of the operation, The Rossch Group can help you manage your data effectively.  Using modern tools and platforms, we will work with you to create the right solution for your operation.  Here’s some of the ways we can help:


Need an FAR 117 solution?  Want to get a better handle on your aircraft maintenance calendar?  We have business experts that can help refine and define your operational goals paired with technology experts that can get you the data you need.


The Rossch Group is leading the way in how airlines look at their operations.  We help you move beyond a world siloed parts and to an SOC that acts as integrated unit.  We will work with you to deploy tools and paradigms, and use our deep experience to build dashboards and reporting that let you spend less time analyzing and more time managing.


Many airlines have solid technology teams, but need a little help getting a reporting foundation created. We will help you to build reporting systems, helping you get at your data – consolidated into a single platform – and leverage our basic reporting infrastructure.  Using this approach, we can get you started on your way and have you take ownership of your own data.